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Electrical panels are built to last for several years, so you might not think about them often. However, they get worn down just like everything else so you might want to have yours checked if it’s been there for 40 years. In case you’re not sure, electrical panels are commonly called circuit breakers.

If it’s been a while or you start to notice issues with your home’s electrical appliances, you might want to give us a call. Dial 336-499-2015 to schedule your free estimate for your electrical panel upgrade!


Living in the modern world means you can't wait when something is wrong with your electircal service. That's why we offer same-day service when needed.

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We offer a one year labor and workmanship guaranty regardless of the project, so you can rest assured the job is done right the first time.


Our technicians always wear uniforms, put booties on before entering your home, and leave the job site neat and tidy. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.


Whether you’ve just moved in or lost track of time, you might not know how old your panel is. With that in mind, here are some things to watch for:

  1. Do your lights flicker in and out?
  2. Do the light switches zap you?
  3. Does your electrical panel feel warm?

These are common signs that you might need to have your panel replaced. You might also consider upgrading to fit your technological needs while you’re at it.

 On that note, a panel upgrade is different from a service upgrade even though we usually do them at the same time.

The latter involves changing the amount of electricity going into your home via amps. A lot of older housing has up to 100 amps because of the time they were built.

Modern homes can need 200 amps, though, so a service upgrade can fix that issue. The reason it’s done with an electrical panel upgrade is to give you a new panel that can handle the increased amps.

If you need an electrical upgrade for your home, be it service, panel, or both, feel free to let us know by calling 336-499-2015 today for a free estimate!


Speaking of older homes, a lot of them still use fuse boxes which are outdated. Not only can they not handle the required amps of modern technology, but they’re less useful.

An electrical panel will fix these issues and usually add more circuits. Increased circuits can help prevent fires caused by overloaded outlets, so it’s peace of mind.

Something that can be daunting for homeowners is the cost of a new electrical panel. Knowing that they average between $3,000 and $4,000 can give pause.

The cost depends on the size and amps, or if you need a sub panel or a main one. The materials needed for the installation can also affect the final number.

However, the benefits and safety that comes with the upgrade makes that bottom line worth it. Still, you’ll want to know you’re getting the best for that kind of money.

Triad Electric Solutions will make sure you get the most out of your service and panel upgrades in Winston-Salem, NC.

When you’re ready to get the right wiring and safe installation, give us a call with any questions or to get started with your free estimate.

ELECTRICAL SERVICE UPGRADES in Winston-Salem, NC Worth Your Investment

If you’re still on the fence about spending that kind of money on a new electrical panel, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few of the best positives for your home and family:

  1. Most electrical panels can last for 25 years, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be as effective for that long. The reason to care about that is how it affects your electric bill or how useful your appliances are.
  2. An upgraded panel can add more output capabilities to meet the needs of the modern era.
  3. Because of that lifespan and the age of technology, a new panel can increase your home’s value. The more circuits and amps it can accommodate, the more it will drive the price up.
  4. Safety is a top priority for any home and short-circuiting panels are a big cause of fires annually. That’s because the circuits get overloaded with plugs and devices and can’t handle the workload. A panel and service upgrade can help reduce the chances of a bad spark.

Whatever reason sticks out to you, it’s never a bad idea to at least think about upgrading your panel. Knowing that it’s installed and connected correctly by a team of professionals can give you a sense of security. If that sounds good, you have nothing to lose with a free estimate by calling 336-499-2015 today!


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