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Due to the rapid growth of contemporary technology, many people, particularly those engaged in production and manufacturing, are having trouble. The amount and power required to operate numerous machines and equipment are affected by inadequate wiring. 

Most of the time, when electricity demand rises, people need to be aware of the necessity of adding new electrical panels. Here at Triad Electric Solutions, we can assist you with efficient electrical panel upgrades in Stokesdale, NC when you call us today!


Living in the modern world means you can't wait when something is wrong with your electircal service. That's why we offer same-day service when needed.

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We offer a one year labor and workmanship guaranty regardless of the project, so you can rest assured the job is done right the first time.


Our technicians always wear uniforms, put booties on before entering your home, and leave the job site neat and tidy. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Benefits of ELECTRICAL Panel UPGRADES in Stokesdale, NC

By replacing your old or damaged electrical panel, you can increase your home’s security and keep it safe from dangers caused by overworked or improperly wired circuits. An electrical panel powers your entire electrical system. 

Your electrical panel distributes the needed electricity for your devices to run using the power provided. Depending on your equipment’s capability, it is subdivided into different branches of power. 

A properly working electrical panel is necessary to maintain your home or business’ efficiency and provide safety precautions for personnel operating machinery and equipment. When you’re ready to upgrade your panel, give us a call today!


You can spot your electricity panel by looking for a gray metal box. According to OSHA, it should not be prohibited and should be easily accessible. The electrical panel may occasionally be outside your home for safety reasons.

You could have the following issues if you don’t upgrade your electrical panel:

  • A light that flickers constantly
  • Continuously tripping circuit breakers and blowing fuses
  • A meltdown of electrical cables
  • Circuit breakers that are outdated and broken can result in fires, overheating, and shocks.
  • Fire mishaps and electrical shocks could present a risk to you and your clients if you are a homeowner.

If you notice any of these problems, or just want to be safe, don’t hesitate to contact Triad Electric today!


People have started using a wide range of electrical devices requiring specialized circuits for effective and secure operation due to the rapid advancement in technology. Your total operation will run more smoothly and efficiently while adhering to all safety precautions if you upgrade your outdated electrical panels or install new ones.

The following problems suggest that a new or upgraded electrical panel system is required:

  • Your electrical panel is making an unusual crackling noise.
  • The electrical panel has noticeable rust or corrosion.
  • Overheating of electrical service cables is ongoing.
  • Overusing extension cords
  • Lack of a dedicated circuit in computers
  • Inability to run electronic devices and appliances at full power, installing numerous new equipment that calls for new specialized outlets or circuits.
  • Your insurance provider requests an update to the electrical panel.
  • Your home needs a 240V circuit.
  • The home continues to use split bus panels or fuse blocks (old and outdated)

You should use certified technical professionals to install and maintain any new commercial electrical panels for your business. Give Triad Electric Solutions Electrical Panel Upgrades in Stokesdale, NC a call to discuss your panel upgradesWe have a team of technical professionals with more than a decade of expertise.

Since updating your electrical panel is a complicated operation that could cost you a lot of money if you settle for the wrong service provider, you need to choose professionals who will help you fix your problems.

Call Triad Electric Solutions Electrical Panel Upgrades in Stokesdale, NC to upgrade your panel immediately! Our experienced technical experts will recommend the best course of action.


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